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This cookbook is a collection of ideas, recipes for action. The recipes posted here are provocations, prompts, calls for action. There are suggestions, tutorials, guides. There is a lot of information that can help people make informed decisions that can impact on their lives and our planet.

  • Marta

Debunking Recycling

Updated: Mar 25

A handy guide for exposing the plastic and recycling industry

Debunking Recycling proposes an effective solution to the problems imposed by the current plastic identification system.

The project re-imagines the labels that should allow customers to identify the plastic products they buy every day through a clear and informative design, purposely created to catch the customers’ attention. The labels can be printed and stuck on products or found online as an Instagram filter. Together with the handy guide, the project wants to spread awareness on the recycling life cycle of various plastic products and encourage conscious consumption of these.


Daniel, Yassine, David, Hanli, Hongyi, Brad